Shloka – Vishnu 3

तदेव लग्नं सुदिनं तदेव
ताराबलं चंद्रबलं तदेव ।
विद्याबलं दैवबलं तदेव
लक्ष्मीपते तेङ्घ्रियुगं स्मरामि ॥

That alone is the best time, that only is the best day, that time only has the strength bestowed by stars, moon, knowledge and Gods, when we think of the feet of Lord Vishnu who is the spouse of Goddess LakShmi.

Word meanings:
तदेव = tat and eva-that alone; that only;
लग्नं = ascending sign in astrology;
सुदिनं = good day;
तदेव = tat and eva-that alone; that only;
ताराबलं = the power bestowed by the star;
चंद्रबलं = the strength of the moon;
तदेव = tat and eva-that alone; that only;
विद्याबलं = the power of knowledge or ing;
दैवबलं = the power or might of the gods or given by the gods;
तदेव = tat and eva-that alone; that only;
लक्ष्मीपते = O! Vishnu (husband of Laxmi);
स्मरामि = I remember;

Nyaya – The horse and its owner.


A man asked an hostler who was attending to a horse, “whose horse is this?” The hostler replied, “His, whose servant I am.” The man again asked, “whose servant are you, my good man?” The hostler replied readily, “why, his, whose horse this is!” This maxim is applied to a person who argues in a circle, or gives evasive answers.

Hathayoga 1-51

पद्मासने स्थितो योगी नाडी-द्वारेण पूरितम् ।
मारुतं धारयेद्यस्तु स मुक्तो नात्र संशयः ॥ ५१॥

Padmāsane sthito yogī nādīdvārena pūritam Mārutam dhārayedyastu sa mukto nātra samśayah

The Yogî who, sitting with Padmâsana, can control breathing, there is no doubt, is free from bondage.

Shloka – Vishnu 2

सर्वदा सर्वकार्येषु नास्ति तेषाममङ्गलम् ।
येषां हृदिस्थो भगवान् मङ्गलायतनो हरिः ॥

In all activities and at all times, there will be no inauspiciousness and obstacles for those persons, in whose heart resides bhagavAn Hari – the home of the auspiciousness (himself!).

Word meanings:
सर्वदा = ever; always;
सर्वकार्येषु = in all actions or activities;
नास्ति = no one is there; not there;
तेषाममङ्गलं = their non-auspiciousness; their downfall;
येषां = whose;
हृदिस्थः = (he who is) stationed in the heart;
भगवान् = God; or a respectable person one who possesses the
bhaga -a cluster of good things including wealth and happiness;
मङ्गलायतनः = the home of the auspiciousness – adjective of god;
हरिः = Lord Hari;

Subhashitam – 22

प्रस्तावसदृशं वाक्यं स्वभावसदृशीं क्रियाम् ।
आत्मशक्तिसमं कोपं यो जानाति स पण्डितः ॥

A person is said to be a Scholar, who Speaks accordingly, works to the interest of others and knows one’s limitations in anger.