Month: May 2017

Shloka – Vishnu 34

श्रियः कान्ताय कल्याण निधये निधयेर्थिनाम् । श्री वेङ्कट निवासाय श्रीनिवासाय मङ्गळम् ॥ Meaning:Glory to the Lord viShNu, who is the consort of mahAlakShmI, and the treasure trove of auspiciousness, who grants wealth to all...

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Subhashitam – 38

यस्य नास्ति स्वयं प्रज्ञा शास्त्रं तस्य करोति किम् । लोचनाभ्यां विहीनस्य दर्पणः किं करिष्यति ॥ Meaning:(this shloka poses two questions, for which answers are obvious and the questions are as follows:) What will the shAstra do...

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Shloka – Vishnu 33

विसर्ग बिन्दु मात्राणि पद पादाक्षराणि च । न्यूनानिचातिरिक्तानि क्षमस्व पुरुषोत्तम ॥ Meaning:Oh! Lord, you are indeed flawless, and we request you to excuse all the mistakes we might have commited while chanting the slokas,...

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Nyaya – null

एकत्रनिनर्तसरन्रथोर्ऽन्यत्रपितथेति न्यायः??Two similar lines of argument when applied to cases of similar character in different circumstances tend to make for certainty in...

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