Shloka – Laxmi 2

पद्मानने पद्मविपद्मपत्रे पद्मप्रिये पद्मदलायताक्षि ।
विश्वप्रिये विष्णुमनोऽनुकूले त्वत्पादपद्मं मयि सन्निधत्स्व ॥

Lotus faced, a lotus without troubles and leafless, lover of lotus, lotus-eyed, dear to the world; Oh! delight of Sri Vishnu, place your lotus feet in me. (alternate) (O LakShmi), lotus is your seat. Your limbs are delightful like the lotus creepers of earthly and heavenly regions. You love to abide in lotus, fond of the world you are and the world is also fond of you, you are always agreeable to the wishes of Vishnu, (be pleased to) place your lotus foot in me; make my house your abode.

Word meanings:
पद्मानने = Oh! lotus-faced one;
पद्मप्रिये = Oh! lotus loving one;
पद्मदलायताक्षि = the one having eyes resembling lotus petals;
विश्वप्रिये = Oh! the one who is dear to the Universe;
विष्णुमनोऽनुकूले = Oh!. the one going in tandem with Vishnu’s mind;
त्वत्पादपद्मं = your lotus-like feet;
मयि = in me;
सन्निधत्स्व = Put me in the presence of;

Shloka – Laxmi

नमस्तेस्तु महामाये श्रीपीठे सुरपूजिते ।
शङ्खचक्रगदाहस्ते महालक्ष्मि नमोऽस्तुते ॥

Oh. goddess of great illusory powers, the presiding deity over Shri PITha, Oh! the one worshipped by the gods, Oh mahAlaxmi, holding conch, disc, and mace in the hands. Salutations unto Thee.

Word meanings:
नमस्तेस्तु = Salutations unto Thee;
महामाये = Oh. goddess of great illusory powers;
श्रीपिठे = in the respected and exalted place particularly of goddess shakti;
सुरपूजिते = Oh! the one worshipped by the gods;
शङ्खचक्रगदाहस्ते = One having the conch shell and the mace in the hands;
महालक्ष्मि = Oh! MahalakShmi;
नमोऽस्तुते = Salutations unto Thee;

Subhashitam – 68

करे श्लाघ्यस्त्यागः शिरसि गुरुपाद प्रणयिता
मुखे सत्या वाणि विजयि भुजयोः वीर्यमतुलम् ।
हृदि स्वच्छ वृत्ति श्रुतमधिगतं च श्रवणयोः ।
विनाऽप्यैश्वर्येण प्रकृति महतां मण्डनमिदम् ॥

Ornaments of great people are entirely different. They are all natural. Praise-worthy charity- for the hand; submission at the feet of the elders- for the head; truthful speech- for the mouth; matchless ever victorious strength- for the arms; purity of thought- for the heart and acquired knowledge of the holy scriptures- for the ears. (These are the worthy ornaments of the great by nature despite the absence of worldly riches.)

Nyaya – A lamp in a jar.


The maxim takes its origin from the fact that if a lamp is placed in a jar, it will light only the inside of the jar and nothing else; and is used to denote that bright inteligence, if confined to a private place can be of no use to others