Month: October 2017

Shloka – Misc 30

उरसा शिरसा दृष्ट्या मनसा वचसा तथा । पद्भ्यां कराभ्यां जानुभ्यां प्रणामोऽष्टाङ्ग उच्यते ॥ Meaning:The bowing with the chest, head, eyes, mind, speech, feet, and knees, is called the eight-fold salution.Word meanings:उरसा = by the...

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Nyaya – The fowler and the birds.

पतन्तमनुधवतोबद्धोपिगतैति न्यायःIt originates from the story of a fowler running after a bird that escaped from his trap to find to his great sorrow on his return that the birds which were caught before had also fled away...

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Shloka – Misc 29

नमः सर्वहितार्थाय जगदाधारहेतवे । साष्टाङ्गोऽयं प्रणामस्ते प्रयत्नेन मया कृतः ॥ Meaning:My Salutations to you, Oh Lord, who is responsible for the welfare of all beings and who supports this world, which you have created. I fully...

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Subhashitam – 114

परोऽपि हितवान् बन्धुर्बन्धुरप्यहितः परः । अहितो देहजो व्याधिर्हितमारण्यमौषधम् ॥ Meaning:A stranger interested in our welfare is a relative and a relative not interested in our welfare is a stranger. Disease is hurtful, though...

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Nyaya – The bird out of the cage.

पञ्जरमुक्तपक्षिन्यायःIt is used to denote the flight of the soul when the trammel of the body is loosened after the death, just as a bird in a cage flies away in the air if it can get out of the cage...

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