Month: November 2017

Nyaya – A prayer for a son and the loss of the husband.

पुत्रलिप्सया देवं भजन्या भर्तापि विनष्ट इति न्यायःIt takes its origin form a story that a certain woman worshipped a god with a view of being blessed witha son, unfortunately it so happened that she lost her husband. It is used...

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Shloka – Shanti

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः । Meaning:OM Peace, Peace, Peace!Word meanings:ॐ = The `PraNava or Onkara mantra’ consisting of the vowels a and u and the consonant `m’; also...

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Nyaya – Grinding flour.

पिष्टपेषणन्यायःIt is used to denote a superfluous or unprofitable exertion like the attempt of a man to grind pounded flour. Cf. It is of no use to go to do a thing which has already been...

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