Month: January 2018

Nyaya – The sunlight and the grass.

रश्मितृणादिन्यायःIt is used to denote that a thing which is found to be of essential importance at one time, may at another time prove to be the cause of distinction, just as the sunlight, which is indispensably necessary for...

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Nyaya – null

योजनप्राप्ययङ्कावेर्यं मल्लबन्धनन्यायःThe Kaveri and the Kaivarla (a fisherman.) It takes its origin from the conduct of a man who wanted to go across the river Kaveri, and so took with him a fisherman for the purpose, but...

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Nyaya – The sense of a sentence or a speech.

येनोपक्रमतेयेनोपसन्ह्रियतेसवक्यर्थैति न्यायःThis means that a sentence or a speech is what has beggining and conclusion, i.e. what begins to say some thing about an object and finishes completely what is to be said abot that...

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