Month: February 2018

Nyaya – A special distinction.

विशिष्टवैशिष्ट्यन्यायःWithout the help of a qualifying thing, the true excellence of an object cannot be made known. It is the knowledge of distinguishing features of an end or aim, that makes one’s mind fixed at...

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Nyaya – Contrary assertion.

विपरीतम्बल?अलमिति न्यायःThis maxim originates from the assertions made of a weak one being strong, or an incompetent one being competent, and so on. Such remarks are made either in rony or out of...

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Nyaya – Hot and cold air.

वायुशैत्यौष्ण्यन्यायःThis maxim is used to denote that merits and demerits are often the results of company, just as wind itself neither hot nor cold, becomes so coming in contact with fire and water...

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