Month: February 2018

Nyaya – The living on air.

वायुभक्षन्यायःWhen one is said to be living on air, it denotes that he does not eat anything else. It is applied to those cases in which one is exlusively devoted to one thing only.

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Nyaya – The bridegroom and the bride.

वरघटायकन्यावरणमिति न्यायःA man takes a woman for his wife with a view to make the life as enjoyable as possible and not for the purpose of bringing about his own destruction. The maxim is therefore used to indicate that whatever...

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Nyaya – A forest and the tiger.

वनव्याघ्रन्यायःThis maxim is used in place in which mutual help is intended to be meant, just as a forest is preserved by a tiger, and the tiger by that forest. If there be no tiger in the forest the herbivorous animals come...

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Nyaya – A fig-tree and a ghost.

वटयक्षन्यायःThis maxim has its application in cases in which something is done without proper exercise of care and judgement just as men feel afraid in passing by a huge fig-tree, specially alone and at night, as it is popularly...

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