Nyaya – A Kshatriya without prowess.

शौर्यहीनक्षत्रियन्यायःThis maxim is used to denote fallen condition, as a Kshatriya i.e., one belonging to the warrior class, without bravery, is considered to be a disgrace of his race.

Nyaya – An actress on the stage.

शैलूशन्यायःIn a theatre the self-same actress makes her appereance on the stage in different sorts of dress and guise on different occasions, but none of these has any concern with her real form, so this maxim is used to denote the delusiveness of the...

Nyaya – An independent disciple.

शिष्यस्वातन्त्र्यन्यायःA disciple can make no advance in spiritual life, should he differ from his spiritual guide (Gurudeva in judgment and conduct). So this maxim is used to teach the duty of a disciple.

Nyaya – Fine rice and coarse rice.

शालिसमृद्धौ कोद्रवशानत्यागन्यायःIt is used to denote that a coarse thing is not used so long as good thing is available, as, nobody likes to use coarse rice so long as fine rice is procurable.

Nyaya – The words and their complements.

शब्दह्याकाङ्क्षशब्देनैवप्रपुर्यते इति न्यायःIt denotes that the complements necessary to complete an idea suggested by a word are also themselves words.