No background knowledge of Samskrit is necessary to attend. At the end of this course, each participant will be able to understand simple sanskrit and speak in Samskrit and gain confidence to pursue the language further.


  • Starts from basic Sanskrit Grammar to advanced Grammer.
  • After the class student can read Gita shlokas himself and understand them. So one can learn spoken Sanskrit too.
  • PDF books would be shared on first class or before.

When and How?

  • New batch starting soon next week.
  • Weekly two/three classes (Decided based on availability of students)
  • Each class may be for 1 to 1.30 hours
  • Classes conducted over Skype.
  • Absolutely free classes (No charges).
  • Anybody who has interest to learn Sanskrit can participate.
  • No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is required.
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For any further queries, Skype to ‘sanskrit2050’

Why Sanskrit?

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  • Samskrit has a vast repository of scientific, secular, spiritual and religious literature.
  • A Samskrit literate would find it very easy to pickup any other language if needed later.  For example, 40% of Tamil, 50% of Kannada, and 70% of Malayalam is Samskrit. 
  • Children should in particular get exposed to Samskrit. The great structure in the language and its precision of word-meanings when learnt will open their minds to greater things in their lives. Samskrit increases their IQ as well.
  • Learn Samskrit to preserve our samskruti.