योगी युञ्जीत सततमात्मानं रहसि स्थितः।
एकाकी यतचित्तात्मा निराशीरपरिग्रहः।।६-१०।।

सन्धि विग्रहः
योगी युञ्जीत सततम् आत्मानम् रहसि स्थितः।
एकाकी यत-चित्त-आत्मा निराशीः अपरिग्रहः।।६-१०।।

योगी रहसि स्थितः एकाकी, यत-चित्त-आत्मा, निराशीः,
अपरिग्रहः (च सन्) सततम् आत्मानम् युञ्जीत।

6.10 योगी=a transcendentalist योञ्जित=must concentrate in Krishna consciousness सततम्=constantlyआत्मानम्=himself (by body, mind and self) रहसि=in a secluded place स्थितः=being situatedएकाकी=alone यत-चित्त-आत्मा=always careful in mind निराशीः=without being attracted by anything elseअपरिग्रहः=free from the feeling of possessiveness

6.10: A yogi, by controlling his mind, senses and desires; by desisting from accumulating earthly possessions; and by remaining alone by himself, should constantly concentrate his mind [on Atman = Supreme Self].