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Sanskrit.Today (ST) is a tech platform for all Sanskrit seekers to meet with others and learn, read, spread Sanskrit. ST provides unique set of courses for beginners and content from various contributers to read Sanskrit. ST provides platform to interact and spread Sanskrit.


Sanskrit Forum

Great source Sanskrit knowledge. Forum to interact with other sanskrit seekers, ask any questions and answer, help other sanskrit seekers. 

Sanskrit Dictionary

For all the levels of Sanskrit Students from Beginners to Advanced and to Scholars too. Continously enhanced via connected authentic sources. 

Youtube Channel

Regular video updates on Sanskrit. Click on Bell icon at Youtube Channel for quick notifications. You can also contribute your videos


Unique series of lectures for beginners to start with Sanskrit.

If you are a teacher, you can host your courses at Sanskrit.Today. 

Sanskrit for Beginners

Right course start with. It covers all the basics of the language.

Starts at August 28

Gita Sopanam (Level 2)

Second level course with little more Grammar to read BhagavadGita.

Gita Sopanam (Level 1)

First level course to start reading BhagavadGita via which student will be able to read Gita themselves.

Gita Pravesha (Level 1)

Third level course for necessary stuffs required for reading Gita Shlokas. Starts on Sep 5 2019


Read various content from various contributers. If you would like to publish your articles and works, then ST is the right place. Below are the list of few of them.  You can also publish your articles to the world. 


For every shlokas word-by-word meaning and meaning of entire shloka.


Subhashitas are the good saying ever said in Sanskrit. ST has collection of subhashitas, You can add your own Subhashitas to this.


One of the 5 mahakavyas written by Kavikulaguru. Audio lessons are posted eevery day.Kalidasa


One of the popular Sanskrit thesaurus written by Amara Simha. Every day Amarakosha vyakhyas are being posted.

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