जितात्मनः प्रशान्तस्य परमात्मा समाहितः।
शीतोष्णसुखदुःखेषु तथा मानापमानयोः।।६-७।।

सन्धि विग्रहः
जित-आत्मनः प्रशान्तस्य परमात्मा समाहितः।
शीत-उष्ण-सुख-दुःखेषु तथा मान-अपमानयोः।।६-७।।

जित-आत्मनः प्रशान्तस्य परम-आत्मा शीत-उष्ण-सुख-दुःखेषु
तथा मान-अपमानयोः समाहितः (भवति)।

6.7 जित-आत्मनः=of one who has conquered his mind प्रशान्तस्य=who has attained tranquility by such control over the mind परमात्मा=the Supersoul समाहितः=approached completely शीत=in cold उष्ण=heatसुख=happiness दुःखेषु=and distress तथा=also मान=in honor अपमानयोः=and dishonor

6.7: He, who maintains tranquillity, who conquered his lower self, and who is serene in heat and cold, pleasure and pain, honor and dishonor, unites with (communes) the Supreme Atman.