कुतः means from where?
तः means from

बालकः कुतः आगच्छति beit-mirkahat.com? From where is the boy coming?
बालकः विद्यालयतः आगच्छति| The boy is coming from school.
त्वम् कुतः गच्छसि? From where are you going?
अहं देवालयतः गच्छामि| I am going from the temple.
बालिका कुतः पुस्तकं नयति? From where is the girl taking the book?
बालिका गृहतः पुस्तकं नयति| The girl is taking the book from the house.
पुरुषः कुतः उपहारगृहम् आगच्छति? From where is the man coming to the restaurant?
पुरुषः कार्यालयतः उपहारगृहम् आगच्छति| The man is coming to the restaurant from the office.