He, She, That - सः, सा, तत्

Published on 17 March 2017 06:44 AM
सः means he, that (masculine)
सा means she, that (feminine)
तत् means that (neuter)

Even for non-living things सः, सा are used. Same way तत् is used for living beings too.
These can be used only in singular (एकवचनम्)

सः पुरूषः - He is a man
सः युवकः - He is a youth
सः बालकः - He is a boy
सः गायकः - He is a singer
सः कृष्णः - He is Krishna
सः चषकः - This is a cup
सः आसन्दः - This is a chair
सा माता - She is a mother.
सा भगिनी - She is a sister.
सा महिला - She is a woman.
सा सीता - She is Seeta.
सा लेखनी - This is a pen
सा दूरवाणी - This is a mobile phone.
सा घटी - This is a clock.
तत् पुस्तकम् - It is a book.
तत् फलम् - It is a fruit.
तत् पुष्पम् - It is a flower
तत् पर्णम् - It is a leaf.
तत् मित्रम् - It is friend