A man named Ahibhuk, intending to cross a broad river, boarded a boat in which there was a large number of persons. Now the man thought within himself, there are so many persons in the boat that it would be no wonder if I lose myself and be transferred and changed to one of them.” In order to avert such a calamity, Ahibhuk, bound his foot with a piece of rope to keep a mark upon himself, and then feeling easy in his mind, fell fast asleep. The boatman chanced to overhear the man’s loud soliloquy, and saw his queer manoeuvres; and soon finding the man snoring stentoriously, he untied the rope from the man’s feet and fastened to his own. Ahibhuk on waking exclaimed, Alas! I am changed to a boatman!” The maxim is used to show a man’s idiocy.