योजनप्राप्ययङ्कावेर्यं मल्लबन्धनन्यायः

The Kaveri and the Kaivarla (a fisherman.) It takes its origin from the conduct of a man who wanted to go across the river Kaveri, and so took with him a fisherman for the purpose, but fearing that the man might escape, he bound the fisherman, hand and foot while the river was yet 8 miles off; and is used to denote the foolishness on the part of one being overcautious for the prevention of a danger, and thus making one’s position एम्बरस्सिङ्ग्बेफ़ोरेथेदङ्गेरच्तुअल्ल्य्हप्पेन्स्।