It is used to denote a man’s natural fondness for his own possesion however ugly or despicable it may be in the eyes of others. It takes its origin from a story which states that a king on one occasion asked his barber to bring to him the finest boy that he could find in his kingdom. The barber roamed for a long time over every part of the realm, but could get no boy such as the king wanted. At last wearied and dissapointed he returned home, and being charmed with the beauty of his own boy, who was in fact the personification of ugliness and deformity, went to the king and presented the boy to him. The king was at first very angry with the barber for having trifled with him, but on consideration excused him, as he ascribed the barber’s preference of his own ugly boy to the dominant desire of human beings to consider their own possessions as supremely good.