काले वर्षन्तु पर्जन्यः पृथिवी शस्यशालिनी ।
देशोयं क्षोभरहिताः ब्राह्मणाः संतु निर्भयः ॥

Let the rains shower in time, Let the earth brim with food grains, Let this country be full of auspiciousness and be free from agitation and affliction, let the righteous people be free from fear.

Word meanings:
काले = in time;
वर्षन्तु = Let them rain;
पर्जन्यः = rain;
पृथिवी = the world; the earth;
सस्यशालिनी = the mistress of corn or foodgrains; may refer to earth;
देशोयं = this country;
क्षोभरहिताः = one free from affliction or agitation;
ब्राह्मणाः = the Brahmin community; certain specified portions of the Vedas;
संतु = May them be so;
निर्भयः = fearless;