विश्वेश्वरीं जगद्धात्रीं स्थिति संहार कारिणीम् ।
निद्रां भगवतीं विष्णोरतुलां तेजसः प्रभो ॥

O Goddess of the Universe! You are the sustainer, protector and destroyer of the world. O Goddess of Sleep! You are the incomparable effulgence of Lord Vishnu!

Word meanings:
विश्वेश्वरीं = the one who is controlling the Universe;
जगद्धात्रीं = the one who is carrying or supporting the world;
स्थिति = of existence; maintenance; establishment; position or state;
संहार = destruction;
कारिणीं = the doer;
निद्रां = sleep;
भगवतीं = the goddess;
तेजसः = from the shine ; brilliant energy;
प्रभो = Oh! master!;