गजवदनमचिन्त्यं तीक्ष्णदंष्ट्रं त्रिनेत्रं
बृहदुदरमशेषं भूतिराजं पुराणम् ।
अमरवर-सुपूज्यं रक्तवर्णं सुरेशं
पशुपतिसुतमीशं विघ्नराजं नमामि ॥

Elephant faced, beyond thought, sharp teethed, three eyed, large bellied, the perfect one, the king of the riches, the ancient one, the one to be respected by all the gods, with red complexion, the lord of the gods, son of Shiva (the lord of life), ruler over obstacles; I bow to you https://southafrica-ed.com/.

Word meanings:
गजवदनमचिन्त्यं = the elephant faced one who is beyond
comprehension or thought;
तीक्ष्णदंष्ट्रं = the one with sharp or terrible teeth;
त्रिनेत्रं = the three-eyed one;
बृहत् = Big; large;
बृहदुदर = one with huge stomach;
अशेष = whole, entire, complete, perfect,;
भूतिराजं = the king of well-being or the royal donor of all goodness;
पुराणं = the ancient; old; also refers to the ancient works in
story-form known as purANa;
रक्तवर्णं = the red colored;
सुरेशं = the master of the gods;
पशुपतिसुतमीशं = Lord Ganesha, the son of Pashupati or Shiva;
विघ्नराजं = the lord who governs obstacles or hurdles;
नमामि = I bow; salute; pay my respects;