ब्रह्मानंदं परमसुखदं केवलं ज्ञानमूर्तिं
द्वंद्वातीतं गगनसदृशं तत्त्वमस्यादिलक्ष्यम् ।
एकं नित्यं विमलमचलं सर्वधीसाक्षिभूतं
भावातीतं त्रिगुणरहितं सद्गुरुं तं नमामि ।
श्रीदत्तगुरुध्यानम् ॥

Salutations to the true Guru who is the embodiment of the bliss of the knowledge of Brahman and the bestower of supreme happiness, who is absolute, knowledge personified and beyond duality, who is all encompassing like the sky, and the one who is fixated in the ultimate Truth, the who is unique, eternal, pure, and constant, the one perceived by all thinkers, beyond all states of existence and devoid of the three qualities of nature.

Word meanings:
ब्रह्मानंदं = Beautitide; bliss; nirvANa;
परमसुखदं = the giver of great happiness, bliss;
केवलं = only;
ज्ञानमूर्तिं = knowledge personified or knowledge itself taking the
form of a man;
द्वंद्वातीतं = beyond the dual nature of things i.e. individual
soul and Universal soul being considered as two entities;
गगनसदृशं = one who is like the sky;
तत्त्वमस्यादिलक्ष्यं = the ultimate truth (tattvaM) is his principal;
एकं = cardinal number 1, unique;
नित्यं = ever; permanent;
विमलमचलं = the pure mountain;
सर्वधीसाक्षिभूतं = the one existing as the witness of all
intellect or mind;
भावातीतं = beyond one’s thought or imagination;
त्रिगुणरहितं = bereft of the three qualities i genericforgreece.com.e. satva, raja
and tama;
सद्गुरुं = the good teacher or preceptor;
तं = him;
नमामि = I bow; salute; pay my respects;
श्रीदत्तगुरुध्यानं = meditating on the respected preceptor Dattatreya;