Shloka - Kartikeya 4

Published on 25 July 2017 04:30 PM
मयूराधिरूढं महावाक्यगूढं
मनोहारि देहं महच्चित्तगेहम् ।
महीदेवदेवं महावेदभावं
महादेवबालं भजे लोकपालम् ॥

I salute to the Lord (Kartikeya), who is astride a peacock, and having the great mystic saying OM (praNava), whose body is so attractive, and who is the repository of great intellect, who is the lord of all lords of the earth, the knower of vedas, the son of Lord Shiva, and the caretaker of this earth.

Word meanings:
मयूराधिरूढ़ं = he who is astride the peacock;
महावाक्यगूढ़ं = he having the great mystic saying, PraNava;
मनोहारि = that which attracts or draws the mind;
देहं = the human body;
महच्चित्तगेहं = he, being the house or abode of great Consciousness;
महीदेवदेवं = the lord of the lords of the earth;
महावेदभावं = he, knowing the meaning of the great 'Vedas';
महादेवबालं = the lad of Mahadeva, Shiva;
भजे = I worship;
लोकपालं = caretaker of the worlds or people;