नमो ब्रह्मण्यदेवाय गोब्राह्मणहिताय च ।
जगद्धिताय कृष्णाय गोविंदाय नमो नमः ॥

Salutations to Govinda, the dark complexioned one, the God of Brahmanas, protector of cattle and wellwisher of people.

Word meanings:
नमो = bowing; salute;
ब्रह्मण्यदेवाय = to the Brahman-like god or godly person;
गोब्राह्मणहिताय = for the welfare of cows and brahmins;
च = and;
जगद्धिताय = for the welfare of the world;
कृष्णाय = to Krishna;
गोविंदाय = to govinda, the cowherd boy Krishna;
नमो = bowing; salute;
नमः = bowing; salutation;