वन्दे पद्मकरां प्रसन्नवदनां सौभाग्यदां भाग्यदाम् ।
हस्ताभ्यामभयप्रदां मणिगणैर्नाना विधैर्भूषिताम् ॥

I worship that Goddess whose hands are delicate like lotuses, with a pleasing countenance and who grants all auspicious things and good fortune, whose hands, which are adorned with ornaments and beautiful gems of all kinds, are a source of refuge to all devotees.

Word meanings:
वन्दे = I worship; bow;
पद्मकरां = the one having lotus-like hands;
प्रसन्नवदनां = the one with pleasing face;
सौभाग्यदां = the one granting the good and auspicious things;
भाग्यदां = one who grants good fortune;
हस्ताभ्यामभयप्रदां = the one giving freedom from fear through the two hands;
मणिगणैः = through groups of gems;
नाना = many; several;
विधैः = by several or different ways or kinds;
भूषितां = the one decorated with ornaments;