सरसिजनयने सरोज हस्ते धवळतरां शुकगन्धमाल्यशोभे ।
भगवति हरिवल्लभे मनोज्ञे त्रिभुवनभूतिकरि प्रसीदमह्यम् ॥

Oh! Goddess, with beautiful eyes, fairer in complexion than the lotus in you han ds, and shining with fragrant garlands. You are indeed the darling of Lord vish hNu and one who can know my mind. You have created these three worlds and our pr osperity depends on you. So, be pleased and bless me.

Word meanings:
सरसिजनयने = Oh! the one with lotus-like eyes;
सरोज = lotus;
हस्ते = in the hand;
धवळतरां = the one who is whiter;
शुकगन्धमाल्यशोभे = Oh! the one shining with parrot, sandal paste and garland;
भगवति = Oh goddess!;
हरिवल्लभे = Oh! the darling of Hari (Vishnu);
मनोज्ञे = Oh! the knower of the mind;
त्रिभुवनभूतिकरि = the creator of the three worlds or the giver
of happiness and prosperity to the three worlds;
प्रसीदमह्यम् = Be pleased or favourable towards me;