आवाहनं न जानामि न जानामि विसर्जनं ।
तस्मात्कारुण्य भावेन क्षमस्व परमेश्वर ॥

(pUjAvidhi) I do not know how to invoke God, nor do I know how to bid farewell to the invoked God. Hence O Supreme God ! Please forgive me with compassion.

Word meanings:
आवाहनं = invocation or calling one to be present;
न = NoNot; no;
जानामि = I know;
न = NoNot; no;
जानामि = I know;
विसर्जनं = the ending way or leave taking after having invoked
the deity; emission; quitting; abandoning;
तस्मात्कारुण्य = from that compassion;
भावेन = with emotions (heart);
क्षमस्व = excuse; forgive;
परमेश्वर = (m) supreme being, supreme god;
रघुनन्दन = the son (best) of Rashu dynasty;
परमेश्वरि = (f) supreme being, supreme goddess; % From Vishnu SahsranAma + TR Chari’s site;