नमः सर्वहितार्थाय जगदाधारहेतवे ।
साष्टाङ्गोऽयं प्रणामस्ते प्रयत्नेन मया कृतः ॥

My Salutations to you, Oh Lord, who is responsible for the welfare of all beings and who supports this world, which you have created. I fully prostrate to you and request your help for success in my efforts.

Word meanings:
नमः = bowing; salutation;
सर्वहितार्थाय = for the welfare of all;
जगदाधारहेतवे = to the one who is the cause for the support or basis of the world;
प्रयत्नेन = bu the efforts;
मया = by me;
कृतः = the Supreme Being;