गतं पापं गतं दुःखं गतं दारिद्र्यमेव च ।
आगता सुखसम्पत्तिः पुण्याच्च तव दर्शनात् ॥

When we see you Oh Lord, all our sins, sorrows and abject poverty disappear instantly and immediately, we get happiness, wealth and virtues.

Word meanings:
गतं = goes;
पापं = sin;
गतं = goes;
दुःखं = sorrow; unhappiness;
गतं = goes;
दारिद्र्यमेव = poverty alone;
च = and;
आगता = having come; the one female who has come;
सुखसम्पत्तिः = wealth in the form of happiness;
तव = youryour;
दर्शनात् = from the sight of; from seeing;