प्रातः स्मरामि हृदि संस्फुरदात्मतत्त्वं
सच्चित्सुखं परमहंसगतिं तुरीयम् ।
यत्स्वपनजागरसुषुप्तमवैति नित्यं
तद्ब्रह्म निष्कलमहं न च भूतसङ्घः ॥

Early in the morning, I meditate upon the intrinsic principle — the Self that shines in the heart; Who is Existence, Knowledge and Bliss Absolute; Who is attained by Paramahansas (those who follow the path of renunciation). Who is the fourth (transcending the three states), Who is the Eternal Knower of the three states — waking, dream and deep sleep; That taintless Brahman I am. I am not this physical body composed of elements.

Word meanings:
प्रातः = in the morning;
स्मरामि = I remember;
हृदि = in the heart;
संस्फुरद् = throbbing;
आत्मतत्त्वं = the truth or essence of the soul or self or spirit;
सच्चित्सुखं = Existence, Consciousness and Happiness;
परमहंसगतिं = the goal or end or way where one attains bliss;
तुरीयं = the 4th state;
यत्स्वपनजागरसुषुप्तमवैति = that which knows one’s dreaming,
wakeful and sleeping states;
नित्यं = ever; permanent;
तद्ब्रह्म = that Bahman;
न = NoNot; no;
च = and;
भूतसङ्घः = one who has the company of the ogres Shiva’s attendants;