सकृदेव प्रपन्नाय तवास्मीति च याचते ।
अभयं सर्वभूतेभ्यो ददाम्येतद् व्रतं मम ॥

(RAmAbhaya from ShrImad RAmAyaNa) Whoever seeks My refuge saying “I have become Yours”, to him and to all other living things I will give My protection – freedom from fear, this is My vow pouvez trouver sur cette page.

Word meanings:
सकृदेव = one time alone; once;
प्रपन्नाय = to the one who has reached or arrived at;
च = and;
याचते = begs;
अभयं = protection; refuge;
सर्वभूतेभ्यो = to all the living beings;
ददाम्येतद् = I give this thing;
व्रतं = austerity;
मम = mine; mymy; mine;