दूरीकृत सीतार्तिः प्रकटीकृत रामवैभव स्फूर्तिः ।
दारित दशमुख कीर्तिः पुरतो मम भातु हनूमतो मूर्तिः ॥

Please be present in all your splendour, in front of me, Oh Lord of Hanuman, who went through so much agony in separation from Sita devi, whose splendour and sparkling brilliance was evident to all and who is renowned for slaying the ten headed Ravana.

Word meanings:
दूरीकृत = having been distanced or having removed it or thrown it far away;
सीतार्तिः = the sorrow or difficulty of Sita;
प्रकटीकृत = made public; made visible to the eye;
रामवैभव = the glory and splendour of Rama;
स्फूर्तिः = throbbing; vibration; flash; inspiration;
दारित = torn; split; cut;
दशमुख = ten-headed;
कीर्तिः = fame;
पुरतो = on the front side;
मम = mine; my;
भातु = Let one shine;
हनूमतो = from Hanuman;
मूर्तिः = person; embodiment;