अग्रतः पृष्ठतश्चैव पार्श्वतश्च महाबलौ ।
आकर्णपूर्ण धन्वानौ रक्षेतां रामलक्ष्मणौ ॥

Let the mighty twosome, the bow wielding Rama and LakShmaNa, who have the bowstring stretched to the fullest upto the ears, (who are ever-ready) protect us and save us by surrounding us from the front, back and all sides.

Word meanings:
अग्रतः = Before; in the front side;
पृष्ठतः = at or from the back;
चैव = and like;
पार्श्वतः = from the sides;
च = and;
महाबलौ = the twosome with great might;
आकर्णपूर्ण = fully reaching upto the ears ;
धन्वानौ = the two carrying bows;
रक्षेतां = May the two protect us;
रामलक्ष्मणौ = Rama and Laxmana; %Newest Additions;