ध्यायेदाजानुबाहुं धृतशरधनुषं बद्धपद्मासनस्थम् ।
पीतं वासो वसानं नवकमलदलस्पर्धिनेत्रं प्रसन्नम् ।
वामाङ्कारूढ सीतामुखकमलमिलल्लोचनं नीरदाभम् ।
नानालङ्कारदीप्तं दधतमुरुजटामँडनं रामचंद्रम् ॥

Salutations to one with long arms, with weapons, sitting on the lotus seat, dressed in yellow cloth, eyes are like lotus petals just open, pleasing, on whose left lap Sitadevi is sitting, whose face resembles a lotus. (Alternate) May we meditate on the pleasing countenance of dark cloud complexioned Shri Ram wearing yellow clothes, seated in lotus posture, bearing bow and arrows, with arms extending below his knees, adorned by various decorations and a ‘jaTA’ on his head, with eyes like newly blossomed lotus petals submerged in the eyes of of the lotus-faced Sita seated on his left-side.

Word meanings:
ध्यायेदाजानुबाहुं = May we meditate on the long-armed Ram;
धृतशरधनुषं = the bow-bearing one;
बद्धपद्मासनस्थं = one who is in the lotus-like sitting posture;
one of the Yogasana postures;
पीतं = yellow;
वासो = abode; dwelling; living; perfume;
वसानं = the one wearing a dress;
नवकमलदलस्पर्धिनेत्रं = the one with eyes rivalling newly blossomed lotus petals;
प्रसन्नं = the pleased one;
वामाङ्कारूढ = one who is seated on to the left side;
सीतामुखकमलमिलल्लोचनं = the one with the eyes meeting the
lotus-like face of Sita;
नीरद = cloud;
आभं = one resembling in light or appearance;
नानालङ्कारदीप्तं = one resplendent with many ornaments and decorations;
दधतमुरुजटामँडनं = bearing or holding great tufts or knotted hair as ornament;
रामचंद्रं = the moon-like Rama;