दक्षिणे लक्ष्मणो यस्य वामे तु जनकात्मजा ।
पुरतो मारुतिर्यस्य तं वंदे रघुनंदनम् ॥

I salute that Rama who is surrounded by Laxmana on the right, Sita on the left and Hanuman in the front.

Word meanings:
दक्षिणे = in the southern direction also denotes the right side or an able person;
लक्ष्मण = Laxman;
यस्य = whose;
वामे = on the left side;
तु = but; on the other hand;
जनक = at (M.nom https://rankhaya.com/.) father; also refers to the sage of that name
whose daughter was Sita;
आत्मजा = born of oneself, refers to one’s daughter;
पुरतो = on the front side;
मारुतिः = Lord Hanuman;
यस्य = whose;
तं = him;
वंदे = I bow ; I worship;
रघुनंदनं = the delighter of the Raghu race;