नमः समस्तभूतानामादिभूताय भूभृते ।
अनेकरूपरूपाय विष्णवे प्रभविष्णवे ॥

Salutations to the mighty Lord Vishnu, the king of the earth, who existed before all beings, who is the first being and who manifests himself in many forms.

Word meanings:
नमः = bowing; salutation;
समस्तभूतानामादिभूताय = to the one who existed before all the
beings; th first being;
भूभृते = king, an epithet of Vishnu[4];
अनेकरूपरूपाय = to one’s form who can take many forms[4];
विष्णवे = to Vishnu[4];
प्रभविष्णवे = to the great or mighty lord, an epithet of Vishnu[4];