ॐ विष्णुं जिष्णुं महाविष्णुं प्रभविष्णुं महेश्वरम् ।
अनेकरूपं दैत्यान्तं नमामि पुरुषोत्तमम् ॥

I bow to Vishnu, the victorious, the all-pervading, the Mighty, the Lord of all, the Destroyer of evil, having many forms and the highest Purusha.

Word meanings:
ॐ = The `PraNava or Onkara mantra’ consisting of the vowels a and
u and the consonant `m’; also written as `OM’; refers to Brahman;
विष्णुं = Vishnu;
जिष्णुं = an epithet for Vishnu ; the conqueror;
महाविष्णुं = the great Vishnu;
प्रभविष्णुं = the mighty lord, Vishnu;
महेश्वरं = the great Lord;
अनेकरूपं = one who has many forms;
दैत्यान्तं = enemy of demons;
नमामि = I bow; salute; pay my respects;
पुरुषोत्तमं = the greatest of men;