वनमाली गदी शार्ङ्गी शङ्खी चक्री च नन्दकी ।
श्रीमान् नारायणो विष्णुर्वासुदेवोऽभिरक्षतु ॥

Shriman NArAyaNa is adorned with the garland Vaijayantee and armed with gadA (mace), the bow ShArnga, the conch, the discus and the sword (nandakee). He is Vishnu (the all-pervading) and Vasudeva (the indweller of all). May that Vasudeva protect us all.

Word meanings:
वनमाली = the one wearing forest or wild garlands;
गदी = one who is wearing or bearing the weapon mace;
शार्ङ्गी = Oh! the one having the `shArnga’ bow ; one with horns;
शङ्खी = Oh! the one with the conch shell;
चक्री = one who has the weapon of `chakra’ the `Sudarshan’ wheel;
च = and;
नन्दकी = The one wearing the `nandaka’ sword, Vishnu;
श्रीमान् = the respectable one, the prosperous one;
नारायणो = Vishnu;
विष्णुर्वासुदेवोऽभिरक्षतु = May Vishnu who is also Vasudeva protect me;