एष निष्कण्टकः पन्था यत्र सम्पूज्यते हरिः ।
कुपथं तं विजानीयाद् गोविन्दरहितागमम् ॥

This path, where Lord Hari is worshipped, is free from obstructions (without any thorns). Know that it is a bad (wrong) path, when it is without Govind (Krishna).

Word meanings:
एषः = this;
निष्कण्टकः = the thornless one;
पन्थाः = road;
यत्र = (the place) where;
सम्पूज्यते = is worshipped, praised;
हरिः = Lord Hari;
कुपथः = bad road; wrong direction;
तं = him[2];
विजानीयाद् = may be understood;
गोविन्दरहितागमं = the road (Agama) without (rahita) Govinda;