क्षीरोदन्वत्प्रदेशे शुचिमणिविलसत्सैकते मौक्तिकानां
मालाकॢप्तासनस्थः स्फटिकमणिनिभैर्मौक्तिकैर्मण्डिताङ्गः ।
शुभ्रैरभ्रैरदभ्रैरुपरिविरचितैर्मुक्तपीयूष वर्षैः
आनन्दी नः पुनीयादरिनलिनगदा शङ्खपाणिर्मुकुन्दः ॥

Contemplation on Personal form of the Lord. In the milky ocean, which has a bed of sparkling pure emeralds, the Lord who can give salvation to his devotees is seated on a throne decorated with strings of pearls, covered by an umbrella of clouds which shower nectarine dews as though they are flower petals, His ornamented body glittering with pearls and precious gems and holding the conch in his hand. I pray to this Lord, to make me pure.

Word meanings:
मौक्तिकानां = face (teeth);
स्फटिकमणिनिभैर्मौक्तिकैर्मण्डिताङ्गः = the one having the body
heavily ornamented and decorated with pearls and transparent stones
and gems;
वर्षैः = by the rains;
आनन्दी = an epithet of Vishnu (representing delight or bliss);
नः = us; to us or ours;
शङ्खपाणिर्मुकुन्दः = the one holding a conch in his hand; Mukunda;