विसर्ग बिन्दु मात्राणि पद पादाक्षराणि च ।
न्यूनानिचातिरिक्तानि क्षमस्व पुरुषोत्तम ॥

Oh! Lord, you are indeed flawless, and we request you to excuse all the mistakes we might have commited while chanting the slokas, either in word endings or pronunciation or metre, or any other mistakes of this nature.

Word meanings:
विसर्ग = the Visarga sign denoted by two vertical dots as `:’;
बिन्दु = relating to a drop or dot;
मात्राणि = units of measurement of space, time, length, etc cz-lekarna.com.;
पद = a word or a leg or foot;
पादाक्षराणि = the letters denoting or referring to the feet;
च = and;
क्षमस्व = Excuse (me or us);
पुरुषोत्तम = Oh! the best person;