श्रियः कान्ताय कल्याण निधये निधयेर्थिनाम् ।
श्री वेङ्कट निवासाय श्रीनिवासाय मङ्गळम् ॥

Glory to the Lord viShNu, who is the consort of mahAlakShmI, and the treasure trove of auspiciousness, who grants wealth to all seekers of material wealth, who resides in the venkata mountains and in whose heart, mahalakShmi who symbolises wealth resides.

Word meanings:
कान्ताय = to the lord or consort;
कल्याण = happy; beautiful; auspices; prosperous; good, etc pouvez trouver sur cette page.;
निधये = to the abode or reservoir-like one;
निधयेर्थिनां = to the abode or reservoir-like one for people who
seek material possessions;
श्री = relating to Prosperity; wealth; goddess LakShmi and ` shrIH’
is fem.nom.; also an honourable prefix;
वेङ्कत = Lord Venkat, Vishnu;
निवासाय = to the dweller;
श्रीनिवासाय = to Srinivasa;
मङ्गळं = welfare; good things; auspiciousness;