यस्य स्मृत्या च नामोक्त्या तपोयज्ञक्रियादिषु ।
न्यूनं सम्पूर्णतां याति सद्यो वन्दे तमच्युतम् ॥

In spiritual incubation and in worshipping, by whose recollection and by whose name-chanting whatever is partial is made complete in an instant; to that Achyut I salute https://apoteksv.se/.

Word meanings:
यस्य = whose;
स्मृत्या = or Shastras;
च = and;
नामोक्त्या = uttering of the name;
तपोयज्ञक्रियादिषु = in all activities fit for doing penance;
न्यूनं = deficient; a little; short of; minimum;
सम्पूर्णतां = completion; perfection; conclusion;
याति = goes; attains;
सद्यो = immediately; instantly;
वन्दे = I worship; bow;