करे श्लाघ्यस्त्यागः शिरसि गुरुपाद प्रणयिता
मुखे सत्या वाणि विजयि भुजयोः वीर्यमतुलम् ।
हृदि स्वच्छ वृत्ति श्रुतमधिगतं च श्रवणयोः ।
विनाऽप्यैश्वर्येण प्रकृति महतां मण्डनमिदम् ॥

Ornaments of great people are entirely different. They are all natural. Praise-worthy charity- for the hand; submission at the feet of the elders- for the head; truthful speech- for the mouth; matchless ever victorious strength- for the arms; purity of thought- for the heart and acquired knowledge of the holy scriptures- for the ears. (These are the worthy ornaments of the great by nature despite the absence of worldly riches brasil-libido.com.)