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Sanskrit for Beginners (Level 0)
Sanskrit for Beginners (Level 1)
Sanskrit for Beginners (Level 2)

You can directly join Sanskrit.Today Family Telegram Group by opening below link in mobile. (Ensure you have Telegram App installed)

If you do not want to join the group, you can subscribe to our Telegram Bot with below link or you can search Sanskrit.Today in telegram and join, So you will not miss out any Sanskrit.Today Announcements. More features to be added to this Bot soon. You can also invite/add this Bot to your other Telegram Groups too.


  • This group is only for conversations related to sanskrit along with other interested people. Preferrably via Sanskrit (if not English).
  • If you can contribute some time to convert some interesting topics/discussions to public forum content, that would be a great service.
  • You can use this group to improve spoken sanskrit skills by interacting with others as audio or text messages in sanskrit.
  • No teacher or student differentiation. Any one can enlighten others with their knowledge.
  • No unnecessary forwards in the group even if they are related to sanskrit unless confirmed with admin as we all value our and others’ time.
  • No promotional messages of any other goods, services, whatsapp groups, etc..
  • No personal chat or any other personal communication with members in the group.
  • No discussion on antisocial, controversial topics or anything not related to sanskrit.
  • Refrained the usage of local/regional languages unless it is really required.
  • Should always support healthiness of the group.
  • Changing of group name, group logo / image is not allowed unless confirmed with admin.
  • The rules are subject to change any time.

Let’s make healthy Sanskrit Family…

Member who violates the group rules, will be removed immediately. Might be get added back upon admin’s consideration.