Whatsapp Group

You can directly join Whatsapp Group by opening below link in mobile.



  • This whatsapp group is only for learning sanskrit daily along with other interested people.
  • No unnecessary forwards in the group even if they are related to sanskrit unless confirmed with admin.
  • No promotional messages of any other goods, services, whatsapp groups, etc..
  • No personal chat or any other personal communication with members in the group.
  • No discussion on antisocial, controversial topics or anything not related to sanskrit.
  • Refrained the usage of local/regional languages unless it is really required.
  • Should always support healthiness of the group.
  • Changing of group name, group logo / image is not allowed unless confirmed with admin.
  • The rules are subject to change any time.

Member who violates the group rules, will be removed immediately. Might be get added back upon admin’s consideration.