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Master the beautiful language of Sanskrit and unlock its rich history and culture! These courses are perfectly designed for anyone curious about Sanskrit, even with no prior language experience.

Sanskrit For Beginners (English Medium)

Preliminary Level

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Sanskrit For Intermediate (English Medium)

Other Resources

Sanskrit Dictionary

  • is a free online dictionary.
  • For all levels of Sanskrit Students from Beginners to Advanced and to Scholars too.
  • It has a collection from almost all the major dictionaries and it’s continuously enhanced.
  • You can also try @KoshaSanskritTodayBot on telegram

Sanskrit Forum

  • Share what you know and learn what others know.
  • Collaborate with others in our community forum and help others to get their answers related to Sanskrit.
  • Ask any questions related to Sanskrit in Grammar, courses, general inquiries, and books.

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