Month: December 2017

Nyaya – BharkShu.

भर्क्षुन्यायःIt takes its origin from a story that a certain king had a minister named BharkShu, whom he sent on an expedition against an enemy across the sea. BharkShu defeated the enemy and himself became the king of that...

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Nyaya – The Brahmin Village.

ब्राह्मणग्रामन्यायःThe fact of a village in which the Brahmins form the majority of dwellers, going by the name of a Brahmin village has given rise to this maxim. It is used to denote that a thing is known by the name of its...

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Nyaya – A merchant-king.

वैश्य?त्तिकरजन्यायःThe maxim takes its origin from the fact that buying and selling, etc, are the functions of a merchant and are quite unsuitable, nay n blame worthy, for a king and is used to denote any unworthy...

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Nyaya – Seed and sprout.

बीजवृक्षन्यायःIt takes its origin from the relation of mutual causation which subsists between seed and sprout, seed being the cause of sprout, which in its turn is the cause of seed. It is used in those cases in which two...

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