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Intro by Speaker

List of Vargas

काण्डः – १

काण्डः – २

काण्डः – ३

About Speaker

CMA. M .Keerthi Chandra is a qualified Cost Accountant. Born in a traditional family from childhood he has a great respect towards the sampradaya. His sanskrit learning was shined under the late. उपद्रष्ट वेंकट कृष्णय्य महोदयः and their commitment towards free sanskrit teaching has been admitted by Keerthi Chandra ji. On following his teacher’s views he taught sanskrit in some schools and taught some parts of वैयाकरण सिद्धांत कौमुदी in a वेद पाठशाला also. He taught several दशदिनसंस्कृत संभाषणशिबिराणि and worked as a trustee for संस्कृतभारती – विजयवाडा नगरम् too. In order to propagate sanskrit study via whatsapp mode he initiated teaching of अमरकोशः with गुरुबालप्रबोधिनी टीका and it has a huge response and translated in to Tamizh and Kannada languages.


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