Month: April 2018

Nyaya – Necessity and judgment.

सन्दिग्धप्रयोजनञ्चविचारमर्हतति न्यायःThis maxim denotes that a necessity, if suspected to be of doubtful utility or importance, should not be done at once, without considering it very carefully and minutely in all its...

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Nyaya – A water-vessel with holes in it.

सच्छिद्रघटंवुन्यायःA water-vessel, even if filled to the brim, becomes soon emptied of all water, if ther be holes in it. So the maxim is used to denote utter fruitlesness of efforts on the part of an instructor to help a pupil...

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Nyaya – The six schools of philosophy.

षड्दर्शनन्यायःIt is used to mean that the atheistic schools of philosophy being six, the teistic or the Vaidic philosophies are also regarded as being divided into six schools, while in fact the philosophies are of seven schools...

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