Year: 2018

Nyaya – The deer and corn.

मृगसस्यनन्रयनन्यायःThis maxim is intended to denote abstaining from doing a duty on account of any fear, just as a cultivator may cease from sowing seeds lest the plants and corn should be eaten by the...

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Nyaya – A poisoned arrow.

मुञ्जादिषिकोद्धरणन्यायःThis maxim takes its origin from the fact that a small arrow if poisoned would have the effect of killing a man easily which may not be effected sometimes even by good-many arrows; and is used to denote...

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Nyaya – Fish.

मत्स्यन्यायःThe maxim is used to denote the oppression which the weak have often to suffer at the hands of the strong and the powerful, as fish, being a very weak animal, is killed and eaten by men and other...

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